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P W Millar ltd Vulnerable Consumer Policy

Identifying Vulnerable Consumers
For P W Millar ltd to address the needs of Vulnerable Consumers we first need to be able to identify them, there are many risk factors involved including bereavement, illiteracy, illness, disability or other impairments which increase the consumer vulnerability.

We are alert to the signs that the person we are talking too may not have the capacity to make an informed decision regarding the implications of the services/agreement that we are making to them. This is an extension of our existing listening skills, adjusting our approval to fit their needs.

The Mental Capacity Act says that a person is unable to make a specific decision if they cannot understand information about the decision to be made, cannot retain that information in their mind, cannot use or weigh that information as part of the decision-making process or cannot communicate their decision.
Here at P W Millar ltd as part of our Customer Experience we always look out for vulnerable consumers and aim to help and support them by the following: -

What do we look for?

Communicating with Vulnerable Customers

What do we do when Vulnerable Customers are identified?